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General Information

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To take some examples (this is not an exhaustive list of examples):

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Additionally, you are not permitted to place links from your website to the download pages for these free documents for any reason. This is to prevent websites passing these documents off as their own as well as preventing websites making revenue off advertising by presenting webpages with downloadable links.

Quotations from

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Free Materials

You may download and print the free educational materials for personal and professional use. Professionals may print and provide the materials to clients but are not permitted to provide these materials for any additional commercial gain. In other words, professionals may use these materials as part of their work but must not add additional charge to clients for their use or provision.

These materials must be given without charge. You are not permitted to redistribute these materials in any format except printed hard copy. You are not permitted to remove the EducateAutism logo, the copyright notice or the EducateAutism copyright and website address at the bottom of each page.

To take one example, if you are working in a school for children with autism you are perfectly fine downloading our materials and using them as part of your paid employment. You are perfectly entitled to download them and hand them to another person to use in their employment. You are not allowed to download them and sell them to another person for any reason – you got them for free so make sure everyone else does too!

We do not want individuals passing these materials off as if they have paid for them and then seeking “reimbursement” by an institution or parent for their use – remember these materials are there to be used freely and not for your monetary gain. Basically anyone is allowed to use these materials as part of their work, whether you are being paid to conduct this work or not – but you are not allowed to gain monetarily by providing these materials to someone.

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A Note to Students

Please be aware that many colleges and institutions now use plagiarism tests on the reports and essays that you submit. For example, Turnitin is used by many institutions where they will cross reference your submitted work with those in your class, with websites (of which they continue to trawl the internet) and with submissions from other institutions.

In other words, the content of this website ( has likely been searched and noted by such plagiarism checkers, therefore you would be wise not to copy and paste any content for use in your reports. You have been warned!