Neurodiversity and Neuroaffirmative

In line with the neurodiversity and neuroaffirmative movements, we would like to draw your attention to alternative approaches to supporting autistic individuals. As a starting point please consider visiting the Therapist Neurodiversity Collective, and The Autistic Advocate. More on this to follow.

28 Emotions: Picture Communication Cards




Includes 28 'basic' facial expressions / emotions on 2"x2" size so that you can use them with picture-based Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) systems - they might be useful if you are running a PECS® programme for example. They are kept basic and exaggerate the emotions.

  • three different skin tones
  • text above the faces
  • text below the faces
  • space to write your own words above the faces
  • space to write your own words below the faces
  • all faces in the centre of the cards if you prefer not to use words

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Printable Details

  • No. Pages: 30
  • Page Format: Portrait
  • Page Size: A4
  • File Size: 22.4MB
  • File Format: PDF