Neurodiversity and Neuroaffirmative

In line with the neurodiversity and neuroaffirmative movements, we would like to draw your attention to alternative approaches to supporting autistic individuals. As a starting point please consider visiting the Therapist Neurodiversity Collective, and The Autistic Advocate. More on this to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us start an ABA programme?

Unfortunately no. If you've found yourself on this site with the intention of using the information on it to begin any form of intervention then please stop now and consult a qualified professional. The information on the site is designed to expand on your knowledge and is in no way to be used to implement interventions.

Remember that this is a website and although we have made every effort to ensure the information on it is accurate it has not been through any independent review process (never mind being through a peer review process) so the information may be flawed, inaccurate and biased. In other words, do not use anything from this website as a guide to do anything!

I need advice about a child or adult I'm teaching. Can you help?

No. Unfortunately the complexities involved with working with any person in any educational, behavioural, psychological etc. setting are so great that we’ve made a decision not to offer advice about teaching in specific situations.

We recommend checking in with any educational, governmental or academic institutions in your area and see if there are any kinds of workshops or seminars or supports available to you.

Do you run training programmes for ABA and/or Autism?

No. Unfortunately we don't run any training programmes for Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) or Autism.

Can you recommend a training course for autism, ABA, etc.?

Unfortunately there are so many potential routes for people to take with training and so many courses that we are not able to provide advice on what course is best to take.

We'd advise contacting professionals in the area you are interested in as well as the courses you are potentially interested in and asking to speak with past students for advice.

I have an idea for an article. Can I write for you?

Unfortunately at the moment no, we're not accepting prospective articles for the site. This may change in the future though and if it does we'll make a point of it on the main page.

Can you make up some materials for my teaching programme?

Maybe. By all means get in touch about materials you think are needed but depending on what you are looking for we might not be in a position to undertake the work or simply there isn't enough demand for what you're looking for and we might have to put our time into more demanding things.

This site is run in our spare time and so the time we have to put into writing/researching articles and creating materials has to be prioritised. Also anything we create will be placed on the website itself for anyone to download and use. If you are looking for materials to be made specifically for you and no-one else then we cannot do this.

Can I use images from your website?

This depends on your current 'status'. If you are a student then please check out our student image usage page for information on how you can use our images for your coursework. If you are not a student then please refer to our standard copyright policy or contact us for specific requests.

What format or ‘file type’ are your printables provided in?

All printables are provided as downloadable PDF files (which stands for Portable Document Format). We suggest that you use Adobe Reader, which is free software, to open them and you can download Adobe Reader here.