Neurodiversity and Neuroaffirmative

In line with the neurodiversity and neuroaffirmative movements, we would like to draw your attention to alternative approaches to supporting autistic individuals. As a starting point please consider visiting the Therapist Neurodiversity Collective, and The Autistic Advocate. More on this to follow.

Teaching Tips

We hope to start filling out this section of the website so some of the lessons we've learned (and some of the mistakes we've made) in our time working with children with autism can be shared so others can learn as well.

Schedules of reinforcement thumbnail.

Discrete Trials: Stimulus Placement Tips

Snippet: “As well as aligning the materials neatly it is important to have them evenly spaced. This is to make sure there is no confusion for the child and that no specific “option” stands out from the others. If one card seemed to stand out from...”

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Let Your Student Have Some Control

Snippet: “When it comes to your teaching sessions there is no harm in giving your students the same discretion for their daily school work. Remember that they are no different than you; they too will sometimes be in the mood for.....”

Immediacy of reinforcement thumbnail.

Provide Reinforcement Without Delay

Snippet: “When running an educational programme it is important to deliver reinforcement with little delay, and when possible no delay at all, after a student engages in a target behaviour (Malott & Trojan-Suarez, 2004). When we say....”